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Thank you, C-Webb posted on 02/07/2009

Sacramento Kings fans were reminded of the glory days in Arco Arena last night with the retirement of Chris Webber's jersey.  Number 4 was raised to the rafters as the former star himself stood watching, surrounded by friends, family, fans and former teammates; Vlade Divac, Doug Christie, Mateen Cleaves, Scott Pollard, and Bobby Jackson.  The arena itself stood host to over 15,000 fans, an attendance number not often seen the past two seasons for this likely lottery bound team.  While the current roster of youth and role players would end up loosing the game to the Utah Jazz, 111-107, the night truly belonged to C-Webb, and the memories he stirred up of the golden era of the Kings.

The Kings have been in Sacramento since the mid 80's and were always accepted by the fan base as the "love-able losers", a team never really destined to compete with the Lakers or Celtics or Bulls of the world for a national championship nor to be a major free agent draw for players with the superstar label.  However, for a small market city with only one professional sports team, the Kings were the only game in town and Sacramento loved them nonetheless.

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